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There Is Oneness in the Church

Title page of Hellings’ Daily Hymn Book

Today's Devotional

You are all one in Christ Jesus —Galatians 3:28.

The church of Jesus Christ is one,
Though form’d of many parts;
He claims the members as his own,
And rules in all their hearts.

One body, join’d to Christ their head,
In him they live and move; 
No longer number’d with the dead,
They sing redeeming love.

One living temple built for God,
His glory to proclaim;
And spread through all the earth abroad,
The honors of his name.

One service shall the saints employ,
The same in every age:
They serve their God with cheerful joy,
And all their powers engage.

One object have they all in view,
The glory of his name;
Which all, with holy zeal pursue,
Their hopes and joys the same.

One spirit kindles every breast,
One faith, one hope, one way;
They journey to their heav’nly rest,
To one eternal day.

About the author and the source

Late in the 1830s Nicholas Hellings found himself anxious and overwhelmed by his duties. As a calming measure, he decided to write a hymn for each day of the year based on the daily Scripture given by the Christian Almanack. Here are the stanzas from the hymn he offered for the fourth Sunday of April.

Nicholas Hellings. The Daily Hymn Book Containing A Hymn On A Passage Of Scripture For Every Day With An Appendix Of Hymns Etc. London: Thomas Ward, 1838.

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