Nov 2, 2016

The mother of all Reformation timelines

Check out our new "supersized" Reformation timeline

We've had a lot of fun over the last year working on our series of four issues of Christian History magazine honoring the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Issue 120, releasing in a late November, will tell the story of Calvin and his compatriots as well as continuing the sagas of the Lutherans, the Mennonites, and the Church of England.

However, one part of issue 120 is available now. At this link you can check out an 8-page pullout timeline which has the whole 16th century on it, as well as a handy denomination chart to help you keep track of all the reformers and their movements. The back page is filled with inspiring, encouraging quotes from Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, Cranmer, Bucer, and the rest. And, of course, the whole thing is illustrated with stellar historical images.

The print version of the timeline will be a special keepsake pullout in issue 120 when it comes out, and you can also order bulk copies of the timeline separately by going here. And one more thing: The online version of the timeline has hotlinks to articles where you can learn more about the topics!  Check that out here.


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